Knitted Fabric

Rubenis Compact Yarn Facility has a daily production capacity of 25 tons of yarn. In 2021, Rubenis opened the Rubenis Knitted Fabric Facility, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. All our machines utilize the latest technology in fabric production, and they are from the renowned Mayer brand, a leading name in knitting machines.

With high-shafted Mayer machines, we can produce 100 kg rolls, 150 kg rolls, 200 kg rolls, and 250 kg rolls of 100% organic fabric without the need for stitching, thanks to cutting-edge technology. Optical readers on our machines detect needle breakage and thread breakage instantly, automatically stopping the machines.

The fabrics we produce are free from paraffin and needle breakage marks.

In our facility, we have:

  • 12 Mayer Open Width Machines with 32 feeders and 28 fine
  • 6 Mayer Suprem Open Width Machines with 30 feeders and 28 fine
  • 4 Mayer Suprem Open Width Machines with 26 feeders and 28 fine
  • 2 Mayer Interlock Machines with 34 feeders and 28 fine
  • 2 Mayer Ribana Machines with 36 feeders and 18 fine
  • 2 Mayer Ribana Machines with 34 feeders and 18 fine
  • 4 Mayer Three-System Machines with 32 feeders and 24 fine, making a total of 32 machines.

Our facility produces various types of fabric, including supreme, jacquard supreme, interlock, jacquard interlock, ribana, kasch-korse, piqué (lacoste), two-thread, three-thread, Selanik, Ottoman, crepe, and double fresh. All our machines are quadruple-racked and equipped with Lycra (elastane).

Each machine in our facility operates independently in separate compartments to eliminate any contamination, making it the world's only compact knitting facility with this feature.

Our facility meets INDITEX standards. Finished fabrics undergo quality control checks, and once quality control is complete, the fabrics are digitally weighed, barcoded, and sealed in transparent nylon bags before shipment.