President's Message

In the 1980s, we began our journey in the business world by importing and selling accessories such as wristwatches, umbrellas, and sunglasses. As our trade volume grew, we ventured into the production of fans and air conditioners, and the Rubenis Air Conditioning brand was born. With a wide sales and service network covering all 81 provinces of Turkey, Rubenis Air Conditioning has become a beloved brand in the country.

In the 2000s, with the development of the construction sector, Rubenis Construction completed the construction and sales of many projects.

By 2015, we made a significant investment in Şanlıurfa Organized Industrial Zone on a 90,000 m2 land with an investment cost of 50 million USD to produce the best compact yarn in Turkey. We established the most modern yarn facility in Turkey, the Middle East, and the Balkans. With the goal of being an integrated facility, we have become one of the distinguished facilities with a daily production capacity of 25,000 kg, along with Mayer brand knitting-fabric machines and certifications such as Confidence In Textiles, Gots Organic Textile, BCI, Organic 100, Com4, and Usterized.

In 2021, we started construction activities for the Ataköy Prestige Residences project to bring exclusive living spaces to Ataköy.

I sincerely congratulate and thank all our stakeholders.

Osman İpek Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rubenis