Rieter Yarns

Fashion-Forward Yarns

Rieter's extensive variety of yarns, designed to meet the highest demands, represents strong competitive power in a dynamic market. State-of-the-art technologies guarantee high efficiency in ring, compact, open-end, and air-jet spinning processes. Consequently, Rieter's customers can keep production costs under strict control. Moreover, customers benefit from new yarn developments that provide flexibility in competitive yarn markets.

Advantages in Weaving

Extremely low hairiness reduces the amount of applied sizing, leading to cost savings in sizing and desizing processes. This feature also prevents twisting of warp yarns, ensuring virtually no abrasion and allowing the machine to operate for extended periods without requiring cleaning.

Advantages in Knitting

Well-aligned fibers, fiber rings, and low hairiness reduce fiber and dust formation on knitting machines. Product quality and machine operating periods are significantly extended.

End Products

Fabrics made from Comforjet yarns have a uniform and smooth appearance. The low hairiness of the yarns ensures distinct print contours. Soft handle, low pilling tendency, and high dimensional stability are the key advantages that make products such as fine underwear, shirts, and sportswear made from Comforjet yarns preferred by end consumers.

B12 UNICLEAN Pre-Cleaner

Effective and Reliable Pre-Cleaning


- UNIclean is designed to be suitable for carding lines with a production capacity of up to 1,400 kg/hour.
- It cleans the fiber more effectively, around 2% better, compared to traditional units.
- Less energy is consumed for transporting trash due to an intermediate extraction.


- By using free fiber flights and adjustable grid bars, raw material is cleaned while preserving fibers.
- A broad dust removal surface ensures effective removal of heavy dust even at the highest production rates.
- Simple visual control allows for a quick quality evaluation of the trash composition.


- If the bale opener processes different blends, the machine's working point is automatically selected by B12 UNIclean.
- Machine settings can be easily configured during operation with VARIOset.
- UNIcontrol can be connected to carding systems.

COM4 - Compact Ring Yarn

Excellent Yarn Structure


The unique full compaction of fibers results in the production of high-strength and elastic COM4 yarn. This significantly improves processability, providing advanced yarn quality. With perfect fiber adhesion throughout the length, there is virtually no protruding fiber, reducing hairiness substantially. This, in practical terms, means no visible loose fiber ends.

Advantages in Weaving

Com4 yarns offer better working properties in weaving, resulting in reduced yarn breaks, particularly in preparation stages. Low hairiness reduces warp yarn twisting and enhances abrasion resistance, requiring less sizing material.

Advantages in Knitting

Com4 yarns, with their low hairiness properties, have been effective in knitting mills. They provide a smooth appearance, particularly in supreme knit fabrics. Additionally, they lead to less fluff and fly on knitting machines, less foreign fiber contamination on knitted fabrics, and longer needle life, ultimately increasing machine overall efficiency.

Advantages in Finishing Processes

Lower hairiness results in more vivid and vibrant colors. Customers have reported a 5-10% reduction in dyestuff usage. Increased strength, especially where strength drops, such as in stone-washing finishing processes, offers better process stability.

End Products

Com4 yarns are particularly suitable for high-quality products with low pilling tendencies, including women's blouses, men's shirts, and innerwear, offering high-quality finishes.